The 23rd Meeting of the Association of Cameroon Medical Doctors in Germany

On the 14th of October 2017, the Association of medical doctors of Cameroonian descent practising in Germany(CAMFOMEDICS) will be having their yearly conference. There are some 650 medical doctors of Cameroonian descent actively practicing in Germany. The conference will begin with a general assembly of its members and sympathizers, following which will be an exciting symposium on themes of medical importance. Importantly, credits can be accrued by medical doctors within the symposium for their continuing education program. The medical board of the German state of Hessen will this year recognize the symposium as continuing education and give credits to this effect.

The details are found here:

The major themes of the symposium this year will be:

Male consultation time: prostate carcinoma
– Insights on Prostrate Cancer Management in Cameroon by Dr. Jules Tagne, CMO bethedas Hospital Yaounde and Dr. Franklin Danki, Urologist in Ngoundere.
Dealing with chronic pain in modern pain therapy

This year, a key note speaker will be Professor Wilfred Ngwa who lectures on radiation oncology the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Havard Medical School in Boston USA. Professor Ngwa is also the head of the Global Health Catalyst program of the same instite. He is also the author of the book: From Dust to Snow: The African Dream?.

In his keynote talk, Professor Ngwa will talk on:

Global Health – Supply options and new strategies for improving access to health services in developing countries.

Following this will be a project forum in which new projects and new ideas on future ones will be presented.

The conference will end with an exclusive networking dinner.

A diaspora association for networking of medical doctors with colleagues and the public

The yearly conference of medical doctors of Cameroonian descent in Germany is an ocassion for all. Those attending includes primarily medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and people from different medical professions. However, there are also scientists, engineers and people from every profession who come there to learn.

In an era of rapidly changing knowledge, this provides the ocassion for the medical doctors to exchange ideas and network not just with Cameroonian medical doctors, but with German medical doctors and peers from all over the world. It is a place to learn the most advanced things that are being done in the field of medicine. Wthout being a place for people to come and consult on their medical problems, it is a place for members of the public to also improve on their health education and learn a lot about health threats.

With heart and passion: extending medical care and know-how to Cameroon

The motto of this year’s conference in Frankfurt is: With heart and passion.
This motto fits squarely with the philantropic and altruistic mentality of members of this association. Each year, CAMFOMEDICS is on the ground in Cameroon. This association extends a helping hand in Cameroon some 4 to 5 times a year. While there, their members will network with local health centres and hospitals to treat some complicated medical cases. Most important, they partake in knowledge transfer, holding seminars on continuing education with local health practitioners. Their year-round presence in Cameroon is a game changer. There is hardly any area in Cameroon that has not the medical education CAMFOMEDICS brings to bear in ther ten regions of the country.

Here are summaries of some of their projects:


This project has been creating a framework for very close collaboration between Chief Medical Officers and experts of the health sector in the diaspora to collaborate with at least two university teaching hospitals in Cameroon. Through this collaboration, the association intends to cover the need for continuing education, improve on-the-job training, increase supplies for minimal invasive medical equipment for rapid point-of-care diagnosis, and electronic (computer-based) optimization of the management and organization of clinical processes and routines.

Each three months, workshops are held in Cameroon with courses for nurses in Cameroon on how to set up and use modern medical diagnostic equipment. There have been courses on ECG, Sonography and endoscopy. Beyond the courses, members of the association carry out joint visits and operations on patients. In total, some 30 medical experts from the diaspora are in Cameroon each year.

This is a collaborative work with Médecins du Cameroun-Cameroon Doctors, Cameroon Diaspora Network Germany (CDN.G) and CAMFOMEDICS.


This is a portal wherein medical students and other medical personnel from the diaspora can look for internship and practical opportunities in Cameroon. Increasing the number of medical personnel going to Cameroon for work or training is a great opportunity to increase win-win networking.


eHealth is a collaborative projekt with Cameroon Diaspora Network Germany (CDN.G). CDN.G. is the lead orgnanisation.

A pilot project has as aim the improvement of working conditions in hospitals in Cameroon with electronic and computer-based technology. It also enables a platform for communication between medical doctors worldwide (e-Learning, e-Consultation, Telemedizin).

SAAP: Students Academic Assistance Program

This program provides mentors and coaches for medical students and for junior medical personnel.

SHARE – Supporting Healthcare Availability and Rural Expertise in Cameroon

Healthcare is struggling in urban areas of Africa. It is worst in the rural areas. The project SHARE intermediates equipment from local hospitals in Cameroon and from abroad and places these at the disposal of rural health centres. SHARE also cares for adequate training of personnel in rural health centres.

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