Free and opensource tools for writing an award winning thesis

Welcome to our blog. In line with the spirit of our association, we will walk you through many skills you will need to write the perfect thesis or manuscript. Most institutes and laboratories in Africa do not have the resources to buy expensive software for science and technology. The availability of opensource alternatives is a game-changer. Especially, using opensource solutions that closely match proprietary ones used in academia and industry, we will prepare you to be primed for any modern academic or industrial environment. Taken together, this blog is about the tools and skills you need for data analysis, presentation and publication. We will be walking you through some minimal essential skills you would need to write a professional thesis or manuscript.

We will look at the difference between bitmap and pixel graphics. We will walk you through using a free version of QtiPlot, a clone of OriginLab, for plotting vector graphic data plots. Next, we will guide you how to use GIMP, a free equivilent of Photoshop, for image editing. We will show how to do statistics and plots using the R programming envirionment which is also entirely free. Finally, we will use the free vector editing program Inkscape, an equivalent of Adobe Illustrator, for putting together excellent data figures and posters. Please call around here time and again to see what we have prepared for you.

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